Conference paper

I will be presenting a conference paper this coming Friday (June 4th) at the Popular Music Research Centre, Salford University for the ‘Sights and Sounds: Investigating the Music Documentary’ conference

This will be the first time I have presented a paper, set within the context of my research, at an academic conference. I was fortunate enough to present this paper in front of my colleagues at the Birmingham Centre for Media and  Cultural Research.…

I found the ‘practice’ run extremely useful and got some positive feedback from my colleagues about content and delivery. There were a few issues that needed adressing and with the kind help of my superviser, Professor Tim Wall,, redrafted some parts of the presentation to make it flow better and get to the heart of some of the issues i wanted to cover.
I am hoping that one of my colleagues will film my presentation at Salford and if so i will post it up in the coming weeks.

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